"I will never do any glamorous roles" - says Charmila, who is preparing for a coming back to the film world after a four-year long break

Charmila… Malayalees wouldn't have forgotten this charming and beautiful teenage girl, who is especially noted for her natural beauty and innocent face. She was introduced to the Malayalam Cine field as the heroine of Mohanlal in the hit movie, "Dhanam", directed by Siby Malayil. She has 25 films in different languages to her credit. But somehow, she was compelled to leave the cine field due to some personal problems. And now, she is coming back… after the four year long break… through the film, "Swarna medal", directed by Mummy century. She is enacting the character, "Reena", as the heroine of Vijaya Raghavan in this movie. She is not ready to do any glamorous roles, even if the chances are very less for her. "I don't want to become a third class actress in any case" - she clarifies her stand. She doesn't like to remember her previous tragic years in the film field. "Only distress and sorrow… that was the only benefit I got from that field"- she says. There are 7 Tamil and 5 Telugu pictures for her. She doesn't think about a going back to the Tamil field now. "My decision is to keep myself alive in the Malayalam field itself. It was only the Malayalees who gave me complete support as an artist. Their love…their encouragement… I want all these more" - she says with great expectations. She considers all those tragic experiences that she happened to face during her previous histrionic life, as her fate. "I believe in God… If I've done anything wrong, definitely I'll have to face its consequences. And the God will punish all those who have done injustice against me…" "I'm not going to take revenge against anybody; I want to live; my father…. my mother…. how affectionate they were towards me… how much they love me… But how much could I return back to them? I don't know…" - words from her deep mind. Charmila's husband is doing business at Sharjah. And she had been staying with him there for the last 2 years. Anyway, now she is willing stay in the native itself. When she was asked whether she is getting borred with married life, she kept silence for a while. And then said: "My husband is not against me to act in movies. But…" - she didn't complete. Now, let's wait and see how the Malayalam film goers are going to receive her coming back to the cine field.