Who is more brilliant? Mammootty or Mohanlal?

Balachandra Menon on his first job

Ee Nadu Ennale Vare

The veteran director I.V.Sasi who has completed over 100 films in the last 25 years, refuses to quit. Today superstars like Mammootty are refusing to give him dates as they feel “his stock is over”. Sasi, an excellent technician’s claim to fame was Her Nights, which started the porn-wave of the late seventies. In the eighties and nineties Sasi worked out a new formula where the politician became the villain. More than half his films are based on Kerala’s coalition politics and characters are etched out of real life politicians. Sasi’s latest film after a long break Ee Nadu Ennale Vare is another film in the same genre with new crop of actors. The story is about Plappali Sreedharan (Lal) a communist leader who fights the party leadership. Sreedharan is the local party secretary who is “Mr.Clean”, who could have been the chief minister. But the man is a true party comrade and cares for the workers and sleeps in the party office. His close friend is Syed (Kalabhavan Mani) a road roller driver, who stands up for the party’s cause. Soon Beena Benjamin (Vani Viswanath) walks into Sreedharan’s life. She is a childhood friend now an IPS officer. The opponents of Sreedharan are his own party men including a minister (Narendra Prasad). The bad guys create problems between Sreedharan and Syed. They try to bribe Syed by paying him money to murder Sreedharan. It is a typical political masala film served with large helpings of real-life incidents. Sasi’s script has let him down. His new scriptwriter Noushad is no patch on Damodaran Master, who used to churn out political thrillers for Sasi in the past. Among the cast, Lal as Sreedharan does what Mammootty used to do in earlier films with his brand of fiery oratory. Kalabhavan Mani over acts as Syed. Vani Viswanath does her routine police officer role. On the whole the film has nothing new to offer.

Rakshasa Rajavu

After the success of Dada Sahib Mammootty, director Vinayan and producer Sargam Kabir are back, once again with Rakshasa Rajavu, which will be a Onam release. Ramnathan IPS (Mammootty) is an upright, honest and sincere police officer. But due to all these qualities he had to loose his family and even bear the hatred of his senior officers. So he decides to swim with the tide and becomes a corrupt officer. He becomes a sort of Robin Hood by accepting bribes from the influential and rich and distributing it to the poor. Hence, people started calling him ‘Rakshasa Raman’. He has a strong bond with people living in a slum who consider him as their god and saviour. His close friend Appu (Dileep) who lives in the slum is his right hand man. Whatever Ramnathan says is the final word for Appu and he does it without batting an eyelid. How Ramnathan exposes the corrupt officials and politicians forms the rest of this masala movie. The highlight of the film is Mammootty doing once again a police officer’s role. According to a survey taken by a film magazine whenever Mammootty has done the role of a police officer, the film has clicked. Remember Avanazhi and Inspector Balram? The story and screenplay is by Vinayan and the famous award-winning writer Sunil.K.Anand writes the dialogues. Camera is by Sanjeev Sankar and editing is by G.Murali. Mohan Sitara tunes the lyrics of S.Ramesan Nair. The cast also includes Kalabhavan Mani, Harisree Asokan, Rajan.P.Dev, Meena, Kavya Madhavan and Sukumari.


Asianet and Mathrubhumi are joining hands to produce a small budget off beat film Meghamalhar which is being directed by Kamal. Nandini (Samyukta) and her husband Mukundan (Siddique) meet Rajeev (Biju Menon) and his wife Rekha (Poornima Mohan) in a bakery. The cake that both the family had ordered get exchanged and this incident brings both the family closer. Rajeev is an advocate and Nandini is a novelist. Slowly Rajeev gets attracted to her and her work. Nandini too starts liking the soft-spoken, tall, handsome Rajeev. Their interests are common like literary talks, listening to gazhals etc. But soon they realize that they were neighbours, and when they were small and used to play together. They believe that it was fate that once again bought them back together. The cast also includes Raghavan, Babu Swamy, Sreenath, Shivaji and Sanusha. Camera is by Venugopal, lyrics by ONV Kurup are tuned by Ramesh Narayanan.

Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka

Director Satyan Anthikad, prefers the title of all his films to be different - hence this long title… Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka. Jayakanthan (Kunchacko Boban) is the central character in the film. He is a middle class young man who comes to Kerala from Kumbhakonam in Tamilnadu. The state government, for the proposed new airport’s runway, is acquiring one of his ancestral properties in a remote village. He has come to collect the compensation from the Kerala government. But it gets stuck, in the bureaucratic red tape. The role of Jayakanthan is challenging for Chakkochan (as he is known in film circles) as he has an image of a chocolate hero till now. Samyukta Varma plays the role of Vinodini the panchayat president and newcomer Asin is introduced as Swathi in the film. Srinivasan – Satyam Anthikad team has always given clean – family entertainer before and this film (NMJV) will have comedy, emotion and sentiments that are expected from the team. The cast also includes Srinivasan, Innocent, Mamukoya, Bindu Panikar and KPAC Lalitha. Carlton films Karunakaran who had earlier produced Chinthavistayaya Shyamala had to wait for such a long time to get the team to make the next film for him. The film shot in Vadakkanchery has cinematography by Vipin Mohan.

Achananu Enikku Ishtam

Kunjunni (Master Aswin) is the only son of lorry driver Bhaskaran (Kalabhavan Mani). His wife’s last wish before she died was to give her son the best possible education. Being a lorry driver in a small village, Bhaskaran could not fulfil his wife’s dream. So he decides to go to Ooty with his son and settle there after selling his lorry. In Ooty Kunjunni is admitted to a snooty school, Holy Cross convent where he finds it difficult to adjust. His peers are rich kids from industrialist families but Kunjunni finds solace in his class teacher Sita (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy). She had a sad past, as her marriage with Anand (Biju Menon) was cancelled due to his underworld connections. Under Sita’s guidance Kunjunni overcomes all hurdles and becomes the first in his class. But slowly his attitude towards his father changes. He feels ashamed about his father, who is dark, uneducated and simple. It is at this time Anand comes to Ooty in search of Sita and Kunjunni starts adoring him. The little boy places Anand in his father’s place and ignores poor Bhaskaran. But the underworld is after Anand and they want him killed. How Kunjunni and his father Bhaskaran help Anand forms the rest of the story. The director Suresh Krishnan, feels that the film has a message for the new generation. The story is by Suresh Poduval, camera work is by K.P.Nambiatiri. Revathy Kalamandir’s film Achananu Enikku Ishtam is produced by Menaka Suresh.

Testing Time

Even after donating an elephant to Lord Krishna of Guruvayoor, it is bad days for Suresh Gopi. Gopi’s strength used to be action movies with high-voltage dialogues. But this year two of his films Randam Bhavam and Megha Sandesam were washouts. Two of his films Agninatchatram and Saviour Thirumeni are still to be released, as theatre owners have rudely remarked: “We are making more money from Shakeela than Suresh Gopi films.” And added to that some producers have abandoned their future Suresh Gopi projects. But last week director K.Madhu who made the super-hit Suresh Gopi film Crime has launched his new film Nariman. The film is an action thriller where once again Suresh Gopi is a police officer investigating a murder. Gopi has given bulk dates for Nariman and director K.Madhu says that it has all the ingredients to become a hit. Best of luck Gopi, you need it.

Death Threat

Shakeela the queen of soft-porn movies has recently received death threats from the dreaded Muslim fundamentalist organisation “Al Umma”. The banned organisation responsible for the Coimbatore blasts has now targeted the sex bomb of the southern screen. The “Al Umma” which has links with the ISI is after Shakeela because she is a Muslim. According to an “Al Umma” directive to the Muslim community in south India – “All Muslim women should wear purdah in public”. According to Shakeela: “I am exhibiting my body only in films, which is a part of my work. I come from a very poor family, and have to look after my two sisters and brother. My mother still does not know that I act in such movies”. Shakeela who is India’s highest paid daily wage earner (Rs 50,000 per day) is determined to stand up and fight against the “fatwa” issued by the fundamentalist. Added Shakeela: “When my father died, we were virtually on the streets and starving. Where were these people at that time?” But she is not taking the threat lightly, as she has now hired five bodyguards to protect her. She has also installed electronic surveillance system at her house in Kodambakkam.

Ethnic Break

Jayaram has taken a two-week off from his busy schedules to go in for an Ayurvedic treatment at Ottappalam. After completing M.T’s classic Theerthadanam which is a lifetime role for the actor, he decided to go in for this treatment to shed those flabby excess kilos. The ayurvedic pizhichil is being conducted in a private ‘mana’ (old traditional Brahmin house) belonging to Jayaram’s friend Haridas. Said Jayaram “I wanted to rejuvenate myself. The oil massage and ‘pizhichil’ starts at 7 in the morning and goes on for over 3 hours. I am on a strict diet of only ‘kanji’ and no sleep during day time”. The unassuming actor continues with his trademark smile, “I am thoroughly enjoying every bit of it by catching up with the movies that I had missed, watching cricket and enjoying the company of elephants” (the actor has a weakness for elephants). The ayurvedic treatment and massage would help the actor to regain his confidence. Let the Magic Lamp light up the box-office for Jayaram.

Heroine chase

Rashmi Soman the heroine of half a dozen TV serials who specialises in tear jerker roles has eloped with her director of Bhariya, Nazir. Later Rashmi’s parents kissed and made up with her and hosted a big bash at the White House in Kochi. Rashmi was in the news earlier, when Kerala’s Transport Minister and TV star Ganesh Kumar was wooing her. Ganesh who is going through a messy divorce had promised to marry her. But Rashmi, the most sought after TV heroine in Kerala fell in love with the little known Nazir, the director of her Bhariya serial. The elopement had created problems because it also happened to be a Hindu-Muslim marriage. But the big news for serial makers in Kerala is that Rashmi would complete her pending assignments before calling it a day.

Midget Superstar

The five feet four inches Dileep has made it to superstardom with the huge box-office success of Ee Parakkum Thalika. It is Dileep’s biggest hit as a solo hero. The film made at a cost of Rs 1 crore has started making profit for its producers Hamsa from the 10th day of its release. Today after Mohan Lal and Mammootty, Dileep is the only actor who commands an initial. Dileep who was getting Rs 10 lakhs has now hiked up his rate to Rs 16 lakhs – one lakh more than Suresh Gopi and Jayaram. According to veteran producer David Kachapalli, whose Dileep film Ishtam is due to for Onam, “Dileep’s strength is light – hearted comedies, which can be made for Rs 1 to 1.2 crore. As he has a huge audience, the recovery of money from his film is faster than a Rs. 3 crore plus Mohan Lal or Mammootty film.” Remember, a year back Dileep was getting only Rs 5 lakhs, which he hiked by over 300 percent in a demand and supply market. Meanwhile Mohan Lal and Jayaram see the rise of Dileep as a potential threat to their strong hold over “comedy” genre movies.

Booze Baby

Shakeela, the uncrowned queen of smut movies has hit the bottle, creating chaos in the soft porn industry. Shakeela who has completed 21 films this year is no longer willing to strip. The problem is that Shakeela has put on 14 kilos and looks jaded. While most of the heroines try to look slim by being on a diet and work outs, Shakeela is least bothered about her figure. She insists to have chicken fry and ice cream on the sets. Her producers complain about her excessive drinking, coming on the sets late and throwing tantrums. According to one of her regular directors Jayadevan: “Shakeela today looks more like a female sumo wrestler than a sex symbol.” She has also been thrown out of three films and replaced by Maria, who is ready to compromise to any extent.

All for Biju “Chettan”

Samyukta Varma the number one heroine in Malayalam has refused to act in the Telugu version of Tenkasi Pattanam. Samyukta became the number one after her performance in Tenkasi Pattanam. Editor Mohan the Telugu producer was in Trichur last week pleading with Samyukta to do the Telugu version and offered her Rs. 25 lakhs – five times what she gets for a Malayalam film. But Samyukta who is in love with upcoming star Biju Menon, is adamant that she will do only Malayalam films. Both she and Biju had discussed this offer and came to the conclusion that she would have to strip in other languages. Biju is said to have told her about the sad plight of Divya Unni and Abirami ex-Malayalam film heroines who are forced to strip to survive in the glamour world of Tamil and Telugu movies. Samyukta who has a very clean image in Kerala does not want to jeopardise her career in Malayalam for the sake of money and do striptease in Telugu. She has very meaty role in her forthcoming release Narendran Makan Jayakantan Vaka, directed by Satyan Anthikad which would make her a major star. Hats off to Samyukta for her bold stand.


The new young sensation, Nishanth sagar is casting a different role in this film. He had already been recognized for his performance in 'Joker' and in this film he is an S.I of Police. The film uncovers the touching story of the brothers Balan (Jagadhesh) and Achuthan Kutty (Nishanth Sagar) who missed their parents in their very young age. And both of them were grown under the care of Sreedharan, a workshop owner. And for both Balan & Achuthan kutty, Sreedharan was just like their own father. Balan, who is the elder, is a taxi driver and his greatest desire was to make his younger brother an S.I of Police. And finally, his 'Achu' gets the selection for S.I post in their own native place. But unfortunately, Achu, who came to see his elder brother after being an S.I, had to see his brother's bad body. "Who's responsible for my brother's murders?" - that remained as a great question in his mind. And is the rest of the story, Achu finds out the answer to this question in an adventurous and exciting way.

Celebrate this Onam with Super Stars

Unlike last few years, this Onam is going to be rich with a lot of pictures. Almost all of the superstars are coming with their own strong characters. One of the most expected film is Vinayan's first Mammooty film - 'Rakshasarajavu', Mammoty is appearing in this film in a quite different role having a negative touch. Another most expected film is Mohanlal's 'Ravanaprabhu', the 2nd part of Mohanlal's prestige film - 'Devasuram'. Dileep's 'Ishtam', Kunchakko's 'Narendran makan Jayakantham Vaka', Suresh Gopi's 'Saivar Thirumuni' and Jayaram's 'Magic lamp' are the other Onam releases.

Kavya rejects offers for being the heroine of Ajith and Vijay!

"I'd like to remain as a Malayala-actress, always. Still I'm getting plenty of offers from Tamil. But currently I don't want to do any picture from other languages." - says Kavya. She rejected a lot of offers from Tamil including the chances for being the heroine of Tamil super stars like Vijay & Ajith! Her stand on this issue is praise worthy, undoubtedly, while Divya Unni and Abhirami exploits their market value in Tamil as much as they can.

Kavya Madhavan appears as a 70-year-old lady

Can’t you believe?! However, you have to Kavya Madhavan is going to do a double role in the film, “Jeevan mashai”. The film is based on a novel, “Aarogyanikhethanam” and will be directed by T.N.Gopakumar. She is appearing as a 16 year old girl as well as a 70-year-old matured woman! Nedumudi Venu and Srividhya will be handling the other major roles in movie. Kavya had already been recognized for her unrivalled performance in ‘Mazha Megha Pravukal’, recently. She is in full confidence to do this entirely different role; and if she can present it perfectly. we can assure that she’ll make a mark in the Indian film history.

Shakeela deserves a national award

Shakeela, you are everything for us; you are stealing our valuable classes. And we expect a national award for you” - Comment by a 2nd Degree student, Govt.College, Malappuram, Kerala. What do you think about his comment? For the first 6 months of this year, there were 41 Malayalam films released. Out of them, about 20 films were ‘glamour films’! Among them Shakeela has 16 films to her credit! In addition, most of them were great commercial success too, comparing to other films. Now you can decide whether she deserves at least a special award!

Sundara Purushan

More Previews Kaki Nakshatram Rakshasarajavu En Nadu Ivide Vare Bharthavudyogam Parakkum Thalika Dani Nimishangal Puthooram Puthri Unniyarcha Anandapuram Rajakumari Ishtam Shambho Mahadeva The Suspense Akashathile Paravagal Ende Priya Saghi Agni Nakshatram Dubai Karumadikkuttan Unna Thangalil Megha Sandesham Mazha Peyyumbol Thottam Prem Kumar Vakalath Narayanan Kutty Mazha Megha Pravugal Aaraam Jalakam Jeevan Masai Aaraam Indriyam Chillaksharangal Kabani Santham Devadhootan Onnam Raagam Uttaman Dadasahib The Gift Of God Bhadra Kaala Chakram Jwalanam Abirami Purathe Uttaman Achaneyanenikkishtam Red Indians Achande Kochu Magalkku Summer Palace Darling Darling Ennum Sambavami Yuge Yuge Sukanya Joker Vinayapoorvam Vidhyadharan War and Love India Gate Vallyettan Swayamvara Pandal Surya Narayanan (Suresh Gopi), an M.A holder is an employee of the 'Insight Mental Hospital'. Before getting appointed in the hospital, he was a singer in a music troop & when he found his income form the troop too less to meet his expenses, he joined in the hospital as a security guard. He was very friendly with everybody including the patients of the hospital. But due to the pressure from the authorities, he is forced to do much more work in the hospital, even washing the clothes of the patients. Jyothika, (Devayani), the M.D of the hospital, falls in love with Surya, though he was not aware of it. Knowing all his tragic stories, she feels very sympathetic towards surya and promotes him as the administrator of the hospital. Thus both are coming closer together day by day. One day, however Surya comes to know that shocking news: Jyothika is also a mental patient in that hospital under the treatment of Dr.Geevarghese (Mukesh). It was as part of her treatment that she had been appointed as the M.D. of the hospital. But Jyothika was not aware of it. Her father, Ramachandra Menon, is a millionaire. Mr.Menon had discussed about his daughter's illness with Dr. Geevarghese and it was as per the doctor's suggestion that Mr.Menon convinced his daughter that she hospital had been brought by him and appointed her as the M.D of the hospital. When Surya comes to know that she loves him deeply, he becomes afraid of and informs the matter to Dr.Geevarghese. Then the doctor requests him to cooperate with him by acting as her love till the end of the treatment. Also, he told that she would forget everything when she becomes perfectly cured. But after a few days, Dr.Geevarghese dismisses Surya from the hospital due to some other problems and Jyothika becomes violent on this move. In the remaining part of the film, we can see the remaining part of the resulting problems due to Jyothika which are described in a very humorous manner.

No Show

Jayaram and Suresh Gopi the two ex-superstars did not relish their Onam ‘Sadya’ (lunch) this time. They felt humiliated and disappointed that their Uthaman and Saviour Thirumeni respectively did not make it for Onam. In the last minute the producers and distributors could not release these two films because of financial hassles. Jayaram’s Uthaman was long overdue but the producer has to settle the financier to the tune of Rs. 35 lakhs. Since the producer could not raise the money from the distributors, the films release has been postponed for the seventh time. In case of Saviour Thirumeni, Suresh Gopi, personally rang up a couple of leading exhibitors to mop up some advance but they refused to take his call. Suresh Gopi’s problem is that his last two films were total washouts and the trade seems to have lost interest in him. The market is so tight that even producer-distributor Sargam Kabir just about managed to release his Mammootty Onam film Rakshasa Rajavu, mainly due to the superstars gulf connections. If the superstar Onam films, Rakshasa Rajavu and Ravana Prabhu do not do well at the box-office, it may sound the death knell of the Malayalam film industry.

Saivar Thirumeni

After a short break Manoj.K.Jayan is again presenting a dazzling character in this movie, with Super star Suresh Gopi. Mithran Namboodirippadu (Manoj.K.Jayan) is known to be the best friend of Devadathan Namboodhini, is also enjoying the same freedom as all the other members of he family do. He is even ready to sacrifice his life for Devadhathan! This fact is known to everybody in the 'Tharavadu' from so many occasions. But, apart from this, there was one more face to Mithran. His last & final aim was to rein the 'Tharavadu' by eliminating everybody one by one. He was a man with a vindictive mind inside and perfectly calm & quite face outside. Even the omniscient personality, Devadhathan couldn't understand his aim or plans. By acting as the best friend of Devadhathan, he was planning his movies without committing even a single mistake. His life was Sneha complicated and eventful that nobody could understand or suspect his moves. Even when so many strange problems were created in the 'Thenavadu', nobody could suspect that it were Mithiran's hands behind all of them. He could even make Devadhathan expelled from the 'Tharavadu' with his tactic movements. By this time Devadhathan could understand that it was Mithran who's creating all these problems in the 'Tharavadu'. And both Devadhathan and Mithiran movies ahead with their own planning's & tactics…… but what happened finally was another unexpected tragic end! Shajune Karyal could make this powerful story such a dramatic and dynamic one that it'll make an equal challenge to both of the Onam superstar film, 'Rakshasa Rajavu' and 'Raavanaprabhu', no doubt.

"Please….., let me live" - Krishna

This is the comment made by the young hero of Malayalam, Krishna, when he was asked about the love affair with Kavya Madhavan. "Both of us happened to act together in a film, and became good friends. That's all. There is nothing more than friendship between us. Today, from the morning onwards I have been receiving calls from so many people asking about it. All these are just fraud stories 'fabricated' by some job-lies fellows. So, let me leave alone, please……" - said Krishna panting deeply. But do you know what Kavya Madhavan says about this matter? Just wait for the next update.

They can't black - mail me" - Divya Unni

Divya shows her boldness to face anything while gossips are spreading about her: "You may know. There's a weekly that is writing cheap infamies, continuously, about me. But they are mistaken; they can't black - mail me using these type of tricks. They had approached us through a mediator demanding one lakh rupees for not writing anything more about me. We could have avoid their disturbance by giving lakhs to them. But we don't need to buy respect and honors by giving money. They can carry on in their own way, I don't care" - reacts Divya Unni.

"It'll be my first and last Tamil film" - Samyuktha Varma

Yes, Samyuktha is going to do a Tamil film also this year - 'Ashoka', directed by Shaji Kailas. But it'll be the first and last Tamil film for me. That she agreed to act in this movie is only due to the insistence of Shaji Kailas. "Everything has been set up just in the same Malayalam style. I can't get matched with this setups of Tamil. That I've signed for this picture is on the condition that I won't use any glamorous dress and do any intimate scenes. And I won't do any more Tamil films however big the offer is" - Samyuktha clarifies her firm decision.

Those words were written using blood….!

It was a few days back that happened! Our star heroine Kavya Madhavan describes that 'horror story' here: "A few days back, I received a bundle of twenty letters, in all of them. The addresses were written in the same handwriting and looked very strange. Only when I opened it I could understand the matter - it was a love letter from a guy written among his own blood……! From the starting to the end of the letter there was nothing but only the three words - 'I Love You', 'I Love You', 'I Love You'………"

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

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Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp