Nalacharitham Nalam Divasam

K Mohanakrishnan, the debutant director's first film evokes interest because the name 'Nalacharitham Nalam Divasam' itself has got some connection with Unnai Warrier's 'Nalacharitham Aattakatha'. The hero is Boban Alumoodan, son of late actor Alummoodan. Boban came into the limelight through Kamal's 'Niram'. In his second film Boban is portrayed as an young well educated person named Nalan who doesn't have any job. His father is Ramooty (Oduvil Unnikrishnan). Indulekha (Praveena), who is the daughter of Bappooty (Nedumudy Venu) of neighbouring family is in love with her childhood friend Boban. Both the families have accepted their love and they are waiting patiently for Boban to get a job before the marriage. After waiting for a long time Boban gets a job in Mumbai and he goes there. Finally, the marriage is fixed. Nalan is expected to arrive before four days of the marriage. But a message comes saying that he is killed in Mumbai. On the following day a parcel arrives to Nalan's house and it carried a blood stained shirt of Nalan, as a proof. Everybody will be extremely sad, but at the same time it is difficult for them to believe the news as they haven't got any information on the whereabouts of the dead body or how the death happened. The anguish and predicament of Indulekha increases day by day and she strongly believes that Nalan is alive and will come back. Finally elderly persons in the family decides that her marriage should be performed on the day fixed because according to horoscope there is no other auspices day in the rest of her life. So at this juncture her marriage is fixed with Nandu (Nishant Sagar), a local lad who happens to be a friend of Nalan. Indulekha agrees to the marriage on a condition that she will wait for Nalan upto the marriage time and if he is not coming within that time frame she will tie the nuptial knot with Nandu. Whether Nalan will return to his lover or is his death a reality - all these things are answered in the climax. Producer Shaji himself acts as Chotta Sahib who is the boss of Boban. Kalabhavan Mani acts as an eunuch. Nalini (Kannur Srilatha) is Nalan's sister and Jagathy Sreekumar acts as her husband. As mentioned earlier this film has got some links with 'Nalacharitham Aattakatha'. Some elements from the 'Options for Marriage' (Swayamvara - making one's own choice) described in the Aattakatha has been adopted in this story. The lyrics are by Yousuf Ali Kechery and the music is scored by Mohan Sitara.

Shalini To Quit Acting

Malayalam film actress Shalini is quitting her acting career from June as she is getting married. Shalini, who has acted in 94 Malayalam, Tamil and other South Indian language movies is getting married to reigning Tamil hero Ajith. Shalini and Ajith told reporters that she had decided to quit acting to become a housewife. Shalini began her acting career at the age of three as a child artiste in the Malayalam movie `Amattikuttyamma.' Her Malayalam movie `Aniyathipravu' and Tamil movie `Kaadalukku Mariyadhai' were runaway hits. Shalini paired with Ajith in Tamil movie `Amarkalam'. She has just one more movie to complete, which she said would be over before her wedding. She would continue her studies which was halted because she took up acting. She is a Protestant Christian while Ajith is a Hindu Brahmin from Kerala. Both will follow their own religion after marriage.

Awards For Mohanlal And Samyukta Varma

Awards for Lal, Samyukta Malayalam superstar Mohanlal has been awarded the Gulf Cine Malayalam Best Actor Award for his role as the ill-fated Kathakali Artist Kunjukuttan in 'Vanaprastham'. Samyuktha Varma is the recipient of the same award for the Best actress for her lead role as Bhavana in her debut film Veendum Chila Veettu Karyangal'. With the film Vanaprastham, whch won the Best Pictute Award in the Istambul Film Festival, Mohanlal, the actor who has few parallels in versatility, attains the stature of a living legend. As the doomed Kathakali artist Kunjukuttan, he gives a sterling performance reminiscent of the Hollywood screen legends of yesteryears, Lawrence Oliver, who has done the title roles in many Shakespearean tragedies. A family-oriented theme, lot of sentiment, poignant situations laced with subtle comedy, catchy songs..all these made Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal a hit movie. And Samyukta's adequate performance as Bhavana plays an important role in the success of the film. Hope she is yet to give her best performance!

Manassil Oru Manjuthulli

Bombay based businessman turned director Jayakumar Nair is making his debut in Malayalam Cinema with 'Manassil Oru Manjuthulli'. It's a three-way love story with a distinct treatment, claims Jayakumar Nair, who has worked earlier in some Hindi films. Krishnakumar, who is much endeared to the TV viewers with his character in the serial 'Sthree' and Praveena play the lead roles. The story goes like this: Mohandas (Krishnakumar) is a Malayali businessman based in Bombay. Amidst the hurly-burly of city life, he happens to meet Maya (Praveena). For Mohandas, Maya is a relief and he always finds solace in her company from his nerve-racking business activities. Gradually, they fall in love and now they are eagerly waiting for their wedding day. But fate decides other way. Mohandas had to airdash to his ancestral home back in Kerala for an urgent engagement. A decision taken by his mother tends to dash all his hopes. Not knowing the betrothal of her son to Maya, she promises her family friend that Mohandas would marry his daughter. Though much reluctance, Mohandas had to yield to her mother's wish and marries that girl. But, he cannot wipe away the memories of Maya from his mind. As Mohandas slowly began to adjust with reality, fate strikes again this time with disastrous consequences. Mohandas meets with an accident and sustains with serious injuries. The impact of bruises leaves him paralysed. Now he is bedridden and his body becomes a liability to himself. Even his wife turns her back on him. For him, his life seems to reach the dead end. Still, there is a ray of hope for him, which manifests in the form of Maya. Maya reaches his home to take care of him. Slowly her love and care brings Mohandas to normal life. But Maya's arrival causes an explosion in Mohandas' family, which in turn echoes in the mental state of Mohandas. 'Manassil Oru Manjuthulli' is all about sublime love, says Jayakumar Nair. The film presents a lot of emotional and heart rending situations. The film is being shot in the vibrant locations around Kuttikkanam in Peerumedu. 'Manassil Oru Manjuthulli' would be a big break for Krishnakumar as a character actor, which is in stark contrast to his TV screen image where he shines as villain. The other casts include Nishant Sagar, Jagathi Sreekumar, Kalpana, Bindu Ramakrishnan, M.S. Thrippunithura, K.T.S. Padannail, Shruti Raj, Deepa etc. The duo Suresh Ramanthalli and Unni Nair pen the script and dialogues. Utpal V Nayanar wields the camera. Jayakumar's brother Santhosh Kumar produces the film under the banner of Marshall ovies. 'Manassil Oru Manjuthulli' will be released in the next month.


Kamal's new film, 'Madhuranombarakkattu', stars Biju Menon and Samjuktha Varma. 'Madhuranombarakkattu' is the story of a village where lives are influenced by the wind. The village, that remains untouched by the winds of civilization is Ananthapuram, a settlement near Kasargod. The story revolves around a school - a thatched hut of sorts, actually - which would simply get razed to the ground if the wind decided to blow a bit harder. The protagonist of the film, Vishnu (Biju Menon) comes to the village as a teacher. The attractive Samjuktha is his wife. Abdulla (Mala Aravindan) is their friend and well wisher. He runs the village's only form of transport - a buggy. Another character is Sivankutty Master (Oduvil Unnikrishnan), the Headmaster of the school. Ironically, he is the one who prays for the wind to destroy the school. Kamal hopes to repeat the huge success of his last film 'Niram', with this film. 'Madhuranombarakkattu' is one story he has found dear to his heart since 'Kaakothikkavile Appoppan Thadikal'. Through this film Kamal intends to take the viewers to a new setting - a barren landscape with seamless borders. Ananthapuram would indeed be a new experience for the viewers, Kamal says. Apart from the leading cast, this film boasts many talented artists - Sarath, Sreenivasan, KPAC Lalitha, Kavya Madhavan, Master Vignesh, Baby Manchima, etc. The story, script and dialogues are penned by Raghunath Paleri. Vidyasagar scores music for the lyrics written by Yousuf Ali Kecheri. P.Sukumar wields the camera. P. Nandakumar produces the film. 'Madhuranombarakkattu ' will be released in the last week of July.

Randam Bhavam

After experiencing a long lull, underworld strikes again in Malayalam Cinema, but with a difference. Taking a cue from the usual underworld stories, young director Lal Jose presents a story that tries to look at the under world from a different angle. Films, especially with Mohanlal as hero, with the underworld as backdrop and theme were proved to be instant hits. The advent of underworld into malayalam films began with the superhit 'Rajavinte Makan', directed by Thampi Kannamthanam which portrayed Mohan Lal as a vengeful mafia don. Then came 'Bhomiyile Rajakkanmar' and 'Aaryan' in which Mohan Lal was in his elements. Time and experience seem mellowed Mohanlal and the directors and films like 'His Highness Abdulla', 'Aaram Tampuran' and 'Ustaad' saw the transformation of Lal from a ruthless don to a benevolent don. Though Suresh Gopi, who played the crony to Mohan Lal in 'Rajavinte Makan', too tried his luck in the underworld with 'Rudraksham', directed by Shaji Kailas, he had to eat a humble pie as the film failed to click. With Randam Bhavam, Suresh Gopi wields gun again with a vengeance not to kill but to regain his lost prestige. Fear is the central theme of the film, says director Lal Jose. Fear appears in the form of leitmotif in the film. Fear lingers from beginning to the end of the film. All its characters also live under fear psychosis, Lal Jose explains. Navneeta Krishnan (Suresh Gopi) is the hero of the film. He is a renegade underworld don. He was the Man Friday of Govindji ( Tilakan), the dreaded leader of an underworld gang based in Mangalapuram. Once he was a nightmere to the rival mafia gangsters. But for his friends he is Kishanji and they still rever him. Now, Kishanji is a changed man. He has renounced violence and returned to his ancestral home at Ottappalam. He finds solace and peace in the warmth of his family. For his relatives, Kishanji is their dearest Kitchu. Kitchu spends his time by writing and bird watching. In the love of his family members, he feels security and freedom. As he is about to begin a now life, a Police Officer arrives at his home to spoil the party for Kishan. The police officer, Commissioner Jeevan has only one demand. Kishan should return to Mangalapuram to help the police to gather some crucial information regarding the underworld there. For his purpose, Jeevan plays all duty games and even blackmails Kishanji. But Kishan is not ready to go back to the same place where he once ruled the roost. Because he is not the same Kishanji he shudders at the mere thought of Mangalapuram. So he simply refuses to pick up the gauntlet Jeevan has thrown. The script for the film is written by a new face, Ranjan Pramod. He is an ad film maker. Earlier, he had worked with director Rajiv Menon as his assistant. The Randam Bhavam has two heroines with equal importance-Poornima Mohan and Lena. Poornima's character in the T.V serial 'Paithozhiyathe' was widely appreciated. Randam Bhavam is her second film. Lena has earlier acted in a couple of films. The nun in Jayaraj's 'Karunam' and characters in 'Indriyam' and 'Kochu Kochu Santhozhangal' have got special attention. Apart from Suresh Gopi and Tilakan, the other casts include Biju Menon, Oduvil Unnikrishnan, Nedumudi Venu, Narendra Prasad, Sreevidya, Priyam Vada and Ambili. 'Randam Bhavam' is produced by Manoharan under the banner of Jayathara Films. Vidyasagar scores music to the lyrics penned by Grish Puthncheri. The film will be released in the first week of July.

Shaji-Mammootty Project Postponed

Mammooty starrer Valyettan, to be directed by Shaji Kailas, has been postponed to June end giving rise to the speculation that Shaji and Mammooty have clashed. Shaji, as expected, has denied it saying the script is not ready but one can’t help wondering if Shaji-Mammooty combination is actually jinxed. Earlier too Mammooty was to do Colonel with Shaji, but it was dropped as he had essayed a similar role in Priyadarshan’s Megham. Later, Shaji’s film with Mammooty and Raghuvaran was planned, based on a doctor and a musician’s friendship in which Gautami was to play the heroine, but this too was finally dropped. Will Valyettan ever take off remains to be seen.

Menon’s Dubai In Trouble

Dubai, the ambitious project of producer V B K Menon, starring Mammooty and Anjala Zhaveri has run into trouble. The film, shot entirely in Dubai, has been co-produced by a Dubaiite. To Menon’s bad luck however the co-producer ran out of money during the film’s shooting due to which not only was a song, meant to be picturised in Dubai, canceled but it also left the Kerala superstar as well as the crew literally stranded in Dubai. Some friends of Mammooty stepped in and helped out. Menon had earlier produced Devasuram with Mohanlal, which was a superhit, but his subsequent films turned out to be super flops.He also had to scrap a Mohanlal-Rajeevnath film after spending Rs 50 lakh on it because of a rift between the star and the director. It was reshot by Pratap Pothen but bombed. Menon then went into hiding and has resurfaced again with Dubai. Will Menon complete the film this time and save his skin or will his bad luck run for Dubai too?


Susanna is the story of a woman’s persecution by a society responsible for corrupting her. Vani Viswanath plays the title role of an innocent estate worker who falls in love with the estate owner’s son. However, she has to sacrifice her aspirations for her lover’s sake. Still the lovers meet and she gets pregnant. Unfortunately, her lover is killed in a tragic accident and from then on begins Susanna’s journey of hardships. She comes across various men who become both her business partners and paramours. What consequences she and her friends have to face later on forms rest of the film. The film projects Vani differently from her usual action queen roles. The film also stars Gopi, Nedumudi Venu and Madhupal. The film is directed by the national award winner T V Chandran. Music is by Johnson and cinematography is by K G Jayan.

India Gate

Vani Vishwanath, the action heroine of Malayalam films of late, has yet another vendetta film lined up. In India Gate, she plays Gayatri, a brahmin girl married to Charanraj, a circle inspector. The honest and upright CI has many enemies, who bump him off. Gayatri then decides to get out of the house in search of her husband’s killers. She has Inspector Jagadish for company. Bheeman Raghu is the villain. Vichitra and Roopasri provide the oomph. The film is produced by Friends Movie Makers. Saji directs the film and Sabu directs the music. Murugan, the videographer of Joshi films makes his debut as cameraman in this film.

Sahayatrikal Snehapoorvam

Sankar who directed Kunchacko Boban in the hit film Nakshatrathallatu teams up with Boban again in Sahayatrikal Snehapoorvam. Kavya Madhvan is the leading lady. The film tells a story of two TV news reporters who are colleagues. But a clause in the appointment order states that only one of them will be retained after one year of probation. This leads to severe competition between the two, who are otherwise in love. Professional rivalry finally leads to a split. Will they finally patch up can be known only after the movie’s release. Boban and Kavya Madhvan play the two reporters. Others in the cast are Jagdish, Jagathy, N F Varghese, Narendra Prasad, Sadik, Raju, Siddiq, Kottayam Nazir and Ambilidevi. Cinematography by Prakash Kutty, music by Mohan Sithara and screenplay by Shatrugan are the major credits in the film produced by Surya creations Varghese.

Vinayapoorvam Vidyadharan

Director K B Madhu will be directing Vinayapoorvam Vidyadharan starring Jagathy Srikumar and Bhanupriya in the lead. The film revolves around Vidyadharan, a bank employee who is simple at heart, and his wife who aspires for an extravagant lifestyle. Her extravagance results in Vidyadharan losing his job. He decides to flee from the city but instead finds himself amidst a few slum dwellers led by Hitler. Vidyadharan finds happiness among them and with the support of Hitler goes about setting his house in order. Jagathy plays Vidhyadharan and Bhanupriya is the wife. Rajan P Dev is Hitler. Others in the cast are Harisree Asokan, Madhupal and Chakiyar Rajan. Music is by Kaithapram, and camera is by M J Radhakrishnan in this film produced by Film Folks.