Mohan Sithara and director Vinayan pair has already given us the melodious Vasanthi Luxmi. Whereas in Dadasahib, we have some good music but nothing extraordinary to talk about. It's Yusuf Ali Kacheri's lyric that's worth mentioning. Side A has Yesudas dominating it with songs like Aliyambal Poov and lyrics like Cholla Cholla Poove to the gypsy music background. It's a love song equating the girl to a flower and the moon as her consort. Next is a passionate song by Yesudas - Yamam Manasil Moham Pazhayunu Yamam, the lyrics is good but music is domineering. Next in line is Dadasahib sung by Mohan's daughter Mabina and Yesudas, is a lively song depicting the father -son affection. Chitra's Singara Krishna, a devotional number, describes Gopika's intense love for Lord Krishna. On side B Ganasumangal sung by Jaychandran has the same lyrics sung to Nadodi tunes, shifted to classical tune and then to folk. Then there is Chitra's rendering of Yamam, Aliyambal Poove, the two numbers of Yesudas again. Analiyoor Bagawathy, a devotional song by Vijay. Yesudas, M.G.Srikumar, Chitra is likely to be a hit for its catchy tune.