"Echusemee… Ask some questions to me too, please" - Jagadheesh.

It was on the shooting location of "Ravana Prabhu", directed by Ranjith, at Pollachi. While everybody was taking rest after their lunch, Mohanlal and Ranjith came up with a new trick - "Personality Analyzer". First, they approached Manju Pillai and Mohanlal told: "Manju, we are going to ask you some questions. You should answer correctly." "Why?" asked Manju. "These are some questions to measure your personality" "Ok, carry on" Manju started laughing. "See Manju, we are very serious, don't laugh". "Never" Manju became serious. "Ranji, now you can start" told Mohanlal. When Ranjith started asking questions, Jagadheesh came there and asked Ranjith: "Echusemee… ask some questions to me too, please". "Sorry, it won't work on you" Then Ranjith started questioning Manju: "Do you like travelling? If yes, with whom do you like to travel? How do you like to travel? What are the precautions taken while traveling? During the travel, if you find any culprits, what you'll do?" These are the questions they asked and Manju answered every question sincerely. After examining her answers carefully, finally Ranjith said: "Manju possesses an excellent personality" Ranjith kept silent about the logic he used to arrive at this solution. Then, Jagadheesh started shining with his own genuine numbers. First he asked Sukumari, very seriously: "Chechi, please imagine any number between seven and five…" "Yes, imagined" said Sukumari. "Ok, isn't it six?" asked Jagadheesh. "Podaa…" Sukumari started laughing. Then, his next question was towards Manju. "Manju, just imagine any plant which you like most" asked Jagadheesh very seriously. "Hm.." said Manju. "Then, go and just pour some water for that plant" replied Jagadheesh with a mischievous smile. Once again loud laughter has started spontaneously on the sets.