Mazha Meghapravukal

Mazha Meghapravukal with music by Sree Ram abd lyrics has a few good songs that keep up to the standards of the music director and keeps a good melody. The first song in the album, "Kanne Kanmani" by K.J.Yesudas is a slow number that does no justice to the singer's vocal prowess and range. "Kanimalarai" by Chitra is the only good song in this cassette since it has a musical score which is very native to Kerala and brings out the melody and freshness of the singer. "Mamara Kavil" by Hariharan & Anuradha Sriram is passable. "Pakaline Padavil" Unnikrishnan & Suresh Peter gives scope to the singers to exhibit his voice modulation. Sree Ram & Baby Sree Ram rendition of "Sayyavo" fails to lift the song out of its ordinariness.